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See what other people are saying about our Hunters Woods apartments! At Hunters Woods Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. These Hunters Woods reviews will show you why our Murray, UT apartments are a cut above the rest.


This is an edit of my 1-star review from 4 years ago: I’ve previously lived here during high school (2013-2015) and the first months were alright, then the problems began. The management was pushy, borderline aggressive but in a passive way. They wouldn’t talk to you, if they saw anything they didn’t they’d simply leave a ticket/fine at your door and walk away. Actions like that and several other issues forced me to leave this place in the first place and leave a 1-star review for the terrible experience and about $600 in damages that I did not cause. A while later (2018) my sister and I decided to move back here due to the awesome flooring plans and affordable rent. I was really hesitant to come back due to my previous experience, so I came in prepared for a war. I read every single line of the lease agreement, ready to have the management show up with unlawful fines and annoyances; they left me alone since the day I moved in: No random day-1 inspection, no fines, no phone calls, and no emails. Something clearly changed here. Upon signing the lease, I wrote a detailed essay on my move-in inspection pointing out every single little thing wrong the apartment, just to have maintenance knock on my door two days later to fix everything. I had to ask them to leave some of the things alone (such as little scratches on the walls) so I could continue organizing. Even then, I waited a good while to change my 1-star review. I remember Kat Archuletta (Property Manager) becoming the new manager when I was moving out. I was a way too frustrated to even consider the chance of her changing anything. I’m pretty sure they wrote a new lease agreement and hired all new personnel. Ms. Archuletta foresees everything as far as I noticed, and Skyler Reed (Assistant Property Manager) carries out many of the tasks. Amy was at the front desk when I moved in and she walked me through the lease (while I was reading it) and she was super friendly and respectful. I watched the management evict one of my neighbors and they were very professional even though the lady wasn't nice to them at all. Everything was done by the book; I even went to the door to read the eviction notice to check if it was legal. In order to avoid future problems, here are some hints: o Read the lease agreement; get familiar with the rules/regulations o Make a move-in inspection video and take pictures before you move in, make sure to take note of everything and give inspection paper back to them after you scan it so you can have a copy. o Meet your neighbors and know who they are. o Call maintenance to fix anything; don’t try to fix it yourself regardless of how small the damage is. Trust me, I read the whole lease agreement. Note that was of today, 06/11/2018, the laundry is under some type of construction. I'm not sure what they will do with that space but that's something to keep in mind. If you’re looking for a spacious, affordable place to live, look no further. Hunter Woods is no longer what it used to be, the management is friendly and honest and they’re doing an amazing job here.



Lived here for 4 years and LOVE IT! The office and maintenance staff are friendly and quick to respond and fix any and all issues. The grounds are always maintained and beautiful. No intentions of moving anytime soon ...


love living here, all workers are great!


We enjoyed our stay in Hunter's Woods. I LOVED listening to the waterfalls and hearing the geese outside my window as I spent a few months recovering from a major surgery. Maintenance is very fast and very pleasant! These are older buildings, so the plumbing is at the age that there are leaks and such. We lived in the largest townhouse and it was really hard to get it warm downstairs. The furnace is upstairs which is a problem. It is super hot upstairs (in the biggest units, anyway) and super cold downstairs. A huge plumbing leaked ruined my favorite couch and I believed the maintenance man when he said it would be taken care of. It wasn't and by the time they informed me it was to late to file a claim with renters insurance. Our rent went from under $1400 to almost $1600 within one year, forcing us to move. That's a HUGE increase. I was happy there, overall. If Anna Johnson is still there, she'll work with you if there are problems. She's very kind.


Very kind staff


Love the area and my apartment is huge, haven't had any major issues. Had a great conversation with office crew today so just wanted to thank them for the new gym equipment as I use the gym everyday!!


Beautiful spacious apartments, awesome location, great management, and wonderful staff.


I love it her


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