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See what other people are saying about our Hunters Woods apartments! At Hunters Woods Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. These Hunters Woods reviews will show you why our Murray, UT apartments are a cut above the rest.


These apartments are really huge and the area is really nice, I love the trees and water ponds. Wish there was little more parking spots by but we never had issues that you don’t find in any apartment place.


NICE PLACE - Beware of high extra costs I've been at Hunter's Woods for about a year and a half. Moved here to be in walking distance to my kids' schools. Here's what I love: Big, clean apartment. Friendly office staff. Responsive and very friendly maintenance staff. Clean grounds. Great pool (bonus -- it's open year-round). Tons of kids (a plus for our family). Great, convenient location. Here's what sucks: They cost a lot. Not only is rent at the top of the market rate (for an apartment not updated since the late '80s), but they also tack on CAM fees, water fees, property taxes, a fee to park your vehicle (because, and more. In total, they charge me almost $200/month more ON TOP OF HIGH-END RENT. So, just be aware: despite the awesomeness of the local staff, this property is owned by a corporation which exploits every excuse to squeeze every dollar possible out of their tenants.


I have lived in many aps. in my life, but I really enjoy living here. The staff has been ver accomodating on every level. They even put neighbors above me that they knew we would get along very well with. I do wish there were storage units or garages available to rent, and there could be a few improvements here and there, but those aren't reason to give any less than 5 stars. If I have an emergency or any issue, they take care of it imeediately! My family and I are very comforatble living here. Come in and see Kathy and Skyler, and the rest of the staff, and you'll see what I mean.



This is a great apartment complex, the grounds are always kept nice and the apartments are very spacious and clean. The staff is very friendly. It is a very convenient location, close to freeway entrance


Such a beautiful property and a great location! Still close to work and the size & square footage is awesome!!


Beautiful property and best location ever!


Apartments are huge, I asked for a washer dryer to rent and they provided a brand new set, sweet! Location is prime and I have met some real cool neighbors, recommend.


I like it because it is quiet, and doesn't feel like an apt. The only downside is the smoker smell, which at times is hard to ignore.


We've lived here for over a year, and overall I'm pleased. The price does feel high, but they aren't exaggerating about the space. We haven't had trouble with the maintenance, although sometimes their fixes don't last long, and we have to call again. That's been for minor things, and for any major problems the fixes have stuck. We were annoyed at move-in with the scheduling, but since then we've arranged to get into a three bedroom, and that scheduling has gone a lot smoother. The people that live around here are really nice overall. A few need to pick up after their dogs more, but it's not an epidemic. I think the biggest improvement needs to be more available parking, but it hasn't become a crisis. They're also going to be replacing the playground soon, which needs it. The office staff is very reasonable and courteous.

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